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Is a relative newbie from South America and has been used for 500 years, Initially by the Aztecs. Vanilla is mostly now produced in Madagascar but its a flavor appreciated by many cultures throughout the world.   




Are yet another gift from Latin America that keeps on giving 3000 years later. There´s a reason that around 40 millions tons are consumed globally and continue to be a popular flavor for many food products. 

Cold Brew Coffee

Even though it’s been a trendy product for the last few years, Cold Brewing has roots from 16th Century Japan and it took some time for the rest of us to catch up. We love using cold brew for it’s flavor profile and less acidic nature.


Ery what?! We hear you say…Yes, it’s an unfortunate name, which sounds like it’s nasty. Actually, its completely natural and made from fermenting Corn or Starch. Its been used as a sugar substitute for around 30 years. Erythritol is useably widely throughout the world and approved within the EU and USA.


Is another plant based natural sweetener that has been used for thousands of years and is unto 300 times sweeter than sucrose depending on the variety. It has no calories and is also used globally in different food products and has also been approved by the FDA and EFSA.